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Winter on the Patuxent is Stunning!

As all that know me know, I love the Patuxent River. I kayak on it, I walk the trails near it and I love making photographs on and around it. Here is some beautiful wintertime arial footage I shot yesterday afternoon. It was incredibly warm and just an amazing day to be outside! Forgive the misspelling of "Aerial", it was an autocorrect thing.

Thomas Petzwinkler
Ariel Photography has Come to the Business!

I'm excited to say that I will be offering commercial drone photography very soon! Stay tuned for more announcements regarding this exciting news. Have a look at my first footage from the new Phantom 3 Professional I picked up!


Thomas Petzwinkler
A Long Hike with a Photographic Reward!

I have long been a visitor and fervent documenter of the Patuxent river corridor out in Anna Arundel County, Maryland. The area and it's people are truly wonderful and the abundance of nature for hiking, photography and relaxation is second to none for the DC Metropolitan area. Today, my wife and I decided to go for a hike near Jug Bay at the Patuxent River Park with our Dog Bert in tow. It being in the 40s and overcast with no rain, we knew the hike would be comfortable as well as private. Many people don't find walking in anything under 60 degrees to be agreeable which, to get to the point, means no people, no kids, no obnoxious city people trying to get some nature in! This of course is just fine with me! I am frequently a solitary walker and I revel in that solitude. So walk we did. It was wonderful and quiet. The dog had a blast playing with sticks and running through the underbrush (which he always does) and the walk went well. The winter forest smelled of dry leaves and the wind made what leaves were still on the trees rustle creating the most lovely sound. As our walk wound down and we walked the dog through the marshlands which is against park rules. You see, to get back to where you started on the trails, you would either need to walk back the entire 5 miles to where you started or just break the rules and make sure the dog doesn't harm anything in the protected wetland. I choose the wetlands every time (sorry park ranger guys!). As we came to the end of our walk, I saw a woman fishing on the pier and low and behold, just as I looked away, she caught a fish! My wife said to me "Tom, she has a fish!". I immediately began talking to her and she told me her name was Mollie Tate. I asked if I might make a photograph of her. She was so warm and wonderful and she immediately agreed that this fish was worth documenting due to the eggs in its belly making it bulbous and bloated. She allow a few shots of her with her prize and then returned the beautiful catfish to the water. This is my document of that encounter.

Thomas Petzwinkler