I'm a working artist, photographer, Professor, and arts advocate in Washington, DC. I am currently spending time away from teaching to concentrate on  art-making, and to pursue a more hand-on arts-driven path that includes serving on local arts boards and overseeing international art exhibitions for the Washington Sculptors Group. I am also helping to oversee land art initiatives in the Washington, DC and regional areas. 

    My background is in Photography, Sculpture, and Art History. Coming from these varied disciplines has had a strong influence on my work and the way that I approach the practice of art-making.

    My recent works are an investigation of fragmentation, and how meaning is altered by the juxtaposition of incongruent elements in both physical and perceived space. Still images are used as the foundation for a re-envisioned landscape, as I attempt to break the visual plane with my own three dimensional translations. By applying three dimensional treatments to two-dimensional imagery, I invite the viewer to create a new space within their own perceptions.